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Jason's Vision

I have had many blessings in my life. Very few have been greater than the game of football. The game gave me the opportunity for not only a career, but also the chance to develop life skills and character traits that serve me well in the real world, away from the privileges and glare of attention associated with professional athletics. Not everyone will have the opportunity to make a living playing a sport, but it is my hope that everyone who participates in a sport will enjoy some of the same blessings I have been afforded.

There are many lessons one can learn from playing football, including the values of teamwork, integrity, commitment, dedication and a focus on living a purposeful, healthy life. The wins a person achieves in their character far outweigh any wins on the field. The contributions a person makes to improve the lives of others overshadow any athletic trophies or other sports-related honors.

It is my dream with the Pro Football Mini Camp to develop not only some of the area’s best athletes but also some of the area’s finest people. To instill in young people the virtues that will lead them to become community leaders with servant hearts.

Every spring, I can’t wait to meet our next group of stellar young people.

-Jason Baker

Jason's Career

Jason is a graduate of Wayne High School in Fort Wayne and the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where he left as the Hawkeye’s all-time leader in punts and punting yards. His career spanned 11 years, during which he played for six teams. He spent seven seasons with the Carolina Panthers. At the time he left the Panthers, he held multiple franchise records (net, inside the 20 number of punts, and yards punted). His pro-football career numbers: 794 punts for 33,914 yards, or 42.7 yards per kick. His best year was 2006, when his punt team was in the top three of the NFL in all punting statistical categories (1st for inside the 20, 3rd in gross, 2nd in net, and 1st in total yards and punts).

Jason was considered one of the speediest punters in the NFL and he did not shy away from making tackles, recording 21 over the course of his career. One of those tackles prevented a touchdown in a game against the Seattle Seahawks in 2010.

Jason was selected as a team captain at each level of his football career. He also served as representative for the National Football League Players Association while with the Panthers, and during his career made three USO/NFL trips overseas to visit U.S. troops.